Rasmussen Weather

Townsville, Queensland, Australia
19° 20' 29.60'' South, 146° 43' 19.42'' East

Service has been discontinued

After 13 years of operation we are sad to announce that Rasmussen Weather has discontinued its service as of today, Sunday, 3rd May 2015.

Please use Townsville Weather as analternative as it is located in Condon, Townsville less than a kilometre from where we were.I have given Jordan a copy of our history for use on his Weather Station Site.

We have sold our house and have moved to Mapleton in the Blackall Ranges on the Sunshine Coast. I have set up another weather station down for Mapleton Weather.

Below are links with Rasmussen Weather's full recorded history in CSV and html format should you wish to retain it for your own reference purposes.

Rasmussen weather History Download

Please visit Townsville Bureau of Meteorology for the current forecast.

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